– all these artworks may be bought directly from this gallery or from saatchiart.com/jhzaaiman

My art is about discovering, and then exploring – the strange and the disturbing – hidden in the everyday and in the ordinary. From this point of view, everything else in art is either merely decorative or inconsequential. The strange and disturbing is where art has its true power to fascinate and enthrall. [Currently (2019) seeking new b&m gallery representation in London & New York]

‘The Beauty of Wrong’ poster series
‘Mollyanna St Paul Community’ series
‘Coca-Cola 5¢ bottle’ series
‘McDonald’s’ series
‘Life magazine covers’ series
‘National Geographic covers’ series
‘Garden of Eden’ series
‘The Most Holy Mountain’ poster series
‘Amazing Bible Photographs !’ series
‘For violin & voice’ series – impenetrable factual sequences
‘Ice Planet’ series
‘Sky boy’ series
Time & Look magazine covers
“BBC Documentaries” series
Triptych Altarpiece for New Christian Church
‘City of God, City of Gold’ series
‘Title Pages’ series
‘Hulculacola’ series