Marianne Moore and a key principle of modern art

Marianne Moore wrote: “Academic feeling, or prejudice possibly, in favor of continuity and completeness is opposed to miscellany—to music programs, composite picture exhibitions, newspapers, magazines and anthologies. Any zoo, aquarium, library, garden or volume of letters, however, is an anthology and certain of these selected findings are highly satisfactory. The science of assorting and the […]

Robert Hughes and the ‘dumb show’ of modern art

This is a transcript of Hughes’s conclusion to his televisual survey of modern art (The Shock of the New), and the last words to camera in Episode 8 ‘The Future That Was [End of Modernity]’. It is worth quoting in full: “We finish where modernism began, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Perhaps the etiquette […]

Robert Hughes and Andy Warhol’s ‘stupidity’

Robert Hughes described Warhol as ‘as one of the stupidest people I’d ever met in my life. Because he had nothing to say.’ Hughes was dismissive of much of modern art because, like many other old school aesthetes, he never managed to understand it. And over the course of the ‘my life’ in question, Robert […]

Understanding modern art

This purpose of this blog is to review all aspects of modern art in the light of basic distinction between decorative crafting (aesthetics) and art proper, which is a form of vicarious narrative that is characteristically ‘unsettling’ and ‘uncanny’. Aesthetics is about beauty; art is about congruence with unusual realms of the imagination. Articles explaining […]